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Key Benefits

Career Planning and Talent Management

Coaching for Performance and Growth

Improved Human Performance

Management Development

Increased Employee Involvement


Training Needs Assessment

Training Plan and Program Development

Managing Organizational Knowledge

Managing the Learning Function

Design, Deliver, Measure, Evaluate Training

Certified Coach

Facilitating Organizational Change

Training & Development

As Thomas A. Stewart said, "Corporate America is now built on intellectual capital rather than bricks and mortar - and that's changing everything."  In today's environment, being a professional implies that an individual is aware of the history, vocabulary, major theories, tools and techniques, publications, organizations, key individuals, current trends, and ethical considerations related to a given field.  Certainly, an organization's success will depend on the truth of that rather overwhelming reality.

Career Development and Training are two related processes that increase the capacity of your employees to contribute to your organizationís mission. Your challenge is to continually find ways to invest in the development of your employees while balancing the requirements of current work. A solid training program enables the organization to adapt to changing conditions and to be more effective in the workplace. 

Our experienced trainers know that effective training is structures as a continuous performance improvement process, therefore, we strive to integrate our training processes and programs  with your existing systems and business strategies. The key for us is process which involves a lifecycle of activities that, in a continuous environment, evolves your training initiatives as your company evolves.

At Hampton Resources, we pride ourselves with our demonstrated success in leadership, management, employee and HR training and development initiatives.  Our programs support a life-cycle that keeps your programs alive and always providing value. With over 200 training programs developed, we are sure you will be pleased with our outcomes.

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Coaching and Leadership Development

Career Development is the process by which employees strategically explore, plan, and create their future at work by designing a personal learning plan to achieve their potential and fulfill the organizationís mission requirements. Career Development is also a means to sustain a vital and effective workforce through strategic succession planning. Career Development involves continual learning, seeking opportunities, taking risks, and finding ways to contribute to the organization in a productive and motivated manner.


Leadership Skills

Coaching Techniques

Coping with Downsizing

Encouraging Employee Output


Managing Challenging Employees bullet

Supervising a Young Workforce bullet

Supervising an Aging Workforce bullet


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Management Training

Training is planned, organized experiences that assist in the gaining or expansion of key competencies. These experiences are intended to build needed competencies in order to achieve mission success and performance objectives. They also help prepare individuals to take on new or expanded roles, supporting better succession planning. We offer a full spectrum of Learning and Competency Development offerings. bullet

Attendance bullet

Business Writing bullet

Building Better Supervisors bullet

Communication Skills bullet

Consulting 101 bullet

Customer Service Skills bullet

Dealing with Challenging Employees bullet

Delegation Techniques bullet

Disaster Planning bullet

Employment Law Overview for Managers bullet

Handling Employee Complaints bullet

Hiring Legally bullet

How to Write a Job Description bullet

Interviewing Skills bullet

Motivating Employees bullet

Negotiation Skills bullet

Performance Management Programs bullet

Preventing Discrimination bullet

Project Management bullet

Reducing Turnover

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Human Resource Training


Human Resources (HR) training in many employee-related and legally-related topics is mandatory, especially for managers and supervisors. Our training programs help to equip your management team to handle their employee relations responsibilities competently. But, for maximum positive impact and learning, our HR training programs are motivational and engaging where we use relevant case scenarios, group discussion, and practical tasking to enforce our lecture based training services. bullet

ADA and Disabilities bullet

Affirmative Action bullet

Alternative Work Schedules bullet

Avoiding HR Lawsuits and Class Actions bullet

Bereavement bullet

Best Practices for the "War for Talent" bullet

COBRA and HIPPA bullet

Complying with e-Discovery bullet

EEO Training bullet

Employee Benefits bullet

Employee Counseling & EAP bullet

Emergency Action bullet

Employee Safety bullet

Employment Law for HR bullet

Fair Labor Standards Act bullet

Family Medical Leave Act bullet

Garnishments bullet

How to Write a Job bullet

New Employee Orientation bullet

Progressive Discipline bullet

Pregnancy & Maternity bullet

Project Management for HR bullet

Record Keeping & Notice Requirements bullet

Succession Planning bullet

Talent Management bullet

Telecommuting bullet

Temporary Employees and Independent Contractors bullet

Termination bullet

Title VII Discrimination bullet

Violence in the Workplace bullet

Workers' Compensation bullet

Workforce Planning

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Competency and Skills Enhancement

The right employee training, development and education at the right time provides big payoffs for the employer in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution. Learn the approaches that will guarantee a return on your investment in training.  Our competency and skills enhancement training programs allow organizations to focus learning efforts so that employees are enabled to perform more effectively on the job.  bullet

Basic Tax Guidelines for Employees bullet

Business Writing bullet

Communication Skills bullet

Creative Problem Solving bullet

Decision Making bullet

Diversity bullet

Effective Meetings bullet

Email Best Practices bullet

Professional Behavior bullet

Stress Management bullet

Strengths & Limitations bullet

Substance Abuse bullet

The Business Planning Cycle bullet

Time Management bullet

Workplace Ethics bullet

Workplace Privacy bullet

Workplace Safety bullet

Workplace Security bullet

Workplace Theft bullet

Understanding Military Leave bullet

Planning and Organization bullet

Wellness and You

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