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Key Benefits

Just in time technical services when and where you need them

Fully compliant services with affirmative action reporting tools made available to you

Developed strategic staffing and workforce planning process at your fingertips

Full screening and hire ready candidates

We identify and attract the right candidates, easing your burden of the hiring process


A comprehensive system for effective workforce planning

Services include a fully developed, implemented, and measurable staffing program

Technical expertise to facilitate planning, design, and implementation of a sound sourcing and staffing methodology.

Through planning, design, and implementation of a methodology that best suits the needs of your organization or project.

Staff Augmentation

Strategic staffing is the process that organizations use to identify and address the staffing implications of their business strategies.  At Hampton Resources, we work with your team to identify the key workforce requirements you are facing and develop both a strategy and staffing plans to help you meet those objectives. A key differentiator between us and third party agencies is our commitment to partnership.  Our work products are developed with your needs in mind, and implemented as if we were the practitioners managing them on a day-to-day basis.

We understand how challenging it is to efficiently operate when resources are low. We help you to explore options and customize solutions which will not only control costs, but will also enhance the company's business edge: Strategic and measurable staffing services developed to meet specific organizational objectives help you to: bullet

Avoid the delay and expense of recruiting for in-house expansion or keep your operations flowing smoothly while you find and hire the best candidate for your department team.

Gain a fresh perspective and new, innovative ideas to achieve project objectives and leverage the skills of other existing staff.

Redirect resources from non-core activities toward consumer costs, building competitive strength.

Make more efficient use of capital, technology and resources.

Improve management to freely focus on developing strategies and initiatives to meet your business objectives.

Whether outsourcing all or part of your staff augmentation needs, we are prepared to assist with the challenges of managing a compliant process while working with you to retain best in class, talented candidates..  We focus on your human capital as the foundation of value creation.

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Just in Time Technical Services

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide "Just-In-Time" resources to help you get the results you need when you need them. We do this by providing a "pool" of dedicated and trained professionals for you to draw upon when you need additional resources to get the job done.

We strive to help our clients advance and accomplish their business objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of technology. Because every company is unique, we offer customized assistance designed to take on any challenge and support your business initiatives wherever, whenever and however, regardless of magnitude or complexity. Whether you need to supplement your current resources or require a comprehensive project solution, count on us to deliver the results you need:


Optimize operational performance and efficiency bullet

Leverage existing technologies, resources and assets bullet

Incorporate proven systemologies for effective project management bullet

Minimize risk and increase IT predictability bullet

Maximize the value of your IT life cycle

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Project Consulting


When a project or program calls for specific expertise, we can immediately provide qualified personnel to work on-site with your employees or from our offices working exclusively for you to get the job done cost effectively and efficiently. Since our consultants are contracted through our services, you have no liability for independent contractor misclassification.

Whether you require an IT specialist or an entire development team, our staff augmentation services offer only the best: Our skilled experts have extensive experience in the industry, giving them a comprehensive understanding of its functions and trends. The expertise and reliability of our team is what truly sets our service apart from the others.

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Permanent Placement

If you're looking to assemble new project teams or simply expand your established organization, you can count on us for talented individuals whose skills are tailored to fit the particular needs of your company. Why deal with the stress of extra costs associated with recruiting staff when we can relieve you of the time-consuming, expensive process? Increase profitability; improve performance and rest assured that Hampton Resources is there for you as a valued, trusted source of innovative, strategic solutions and superior staffing support for your business.

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Copyright 2010 Hampton Resources, All Rights Reserved

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