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In recent years, businesses have taken on complex dimensions.  There is a continuing effort to increase productivity, lower operating costs, and improve quality.  Unfortunately, either as a result or coincidently, employee satisfaction has decreased.  Obviously, this has an adverse effect on the very same productivity or quality businesses the effort was attempting to increase.  This, combined with advancing technology and the difficulty in finding key talent, has created exciting challenges and excellent opportunities.  Too often, people are so busy getting the job done there is little time left for organizational development. The frustration over �running in place� is often all that employees remember.  

At the core of the twenty-first century is the question of participation within organizations.  The heart of participation is contained in the mind and spirit of those involved.  If you change the patterns of participation, you change the organization.  Put simply, you cannot compel enthusiasm and commitment from individuals.  Only workers who choose to opt in  who voluntarily make a commitment to their colleagues  can create a winning organization.  When an organization acknowledges the power of community and adopts elegantly minimal processes, communities emerge; and the organization takes a giant step toward successful management practice in the twenty-first century.

Our developmental programs cover the three ingredients needed for unlimited success in business: goal setting, attitude development, and human relations skill development.  The key word is �development.�  Our programs are implemented in the field so the information is not only understood, but also used in everyday situations with the latest educational aids and communications technology.


Our Processes

Our process are people driven to optimize the balance of profit motives with the personal motives of individual lives, enabling organizations to move forward with an increasing competitive advantage.  Our facilitation efforts are designed to assist your organization in achieving permanent organizational change.  Our experience has proven that the facilitative process along with consistent expert guidance will achieve permanent, measurable, behavioral, personal, and organizational change. 

Our developmental processes augment your current skills training processes.  Our key is attitude!  Skills training in isolation doesn't usually address attitudes or the resulting behaviors.  In isolation, your training focus may teach a required skill and even help to increase the knowledge of those involved, but unless this becomes a part of your culture and becomes a repeated behavior, the training walks out the door when your employee does.  What's missing?  Training programs usually lack the understanding of accountability for and the measurable gains of predefined goals.  As a result, goals become fuzzy, and your improvement efforts fail.


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